About the Supply chain transparancy analysis

We have looked at the following aspects:

  1. Does the company disclose its first-tier suppliers; meaning manufacturers of end-products?
  2. Does the company disclose its further tier suppliers, beyond end-product manufacturers?
  3. Does the company disclose any workforce details on supplier facility level?
  4. Does the company provide any information on wages paid on supplier facility level?
  5. Does the company disclose any information on the presence of trade unions and legally required worker committees at the supplier facility level?
  6. Does the company share information about its human rights due diligence approach on supplier facility level? For instance, information about significant labour rights, human rights or environmental risks.
  7. Does the company provide details on the social compliance audits carried out at facility level or on the sustainability certifications that the facility may hold?

The analysis has been carried out in June 2022. All information that we based this assessment on is publicly available information.