Session: solutions to address social conditions in the leather-based garment supply chain

During the third UN South Asia Forum on Business and Human Rights, Together for Decent Leather is hosting the side session ‘Solutions to address labour rights challenges workers in the leather-based garment supply chain’. The session will take place on Friday, 25 March from 11:30 to 13:00 am GMT +6. During the session, the consortium will reveal first insights from newly conducted research on working conditions of leather workers in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, who is responsible for solving the problems and what should be done.

The Session

In a panel setting, Mahmudul Hasan Khan (Bangladesh Labour Foundation), Farhat Parveen (NOW Communities Pakistan) and Pradeepan Ravi (Cividep India) will speak about vulnerable leather workers in their countries. What are the specific obstacles for homeworkers, women workers and tannery workers face? How to improve their living and working conditions? SOMO will share its preliminary insights from research on transparency of international brands producing leather garments and footwear and explain how advanced supply chain transparency is key to enhancing the social conditions for leather workers.

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